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La redazione riceve e pubblica il contributo in inglese della collega statunitense Pamela Goldman sull’artista italiano Cesare Catania.

At the moment there is an artist from Milan, Italy, whose genius confronts the rage and havoc of today’s world. The planet is sick emotionally, physically and politically. Cesare Catania, a painter, sculptor and civil engineer, has certainly struck a chord.

Referred to as the “Modern Leonardo da Vinci,” by numerous publications, including Luxury Lifestyle International, and Riviera Buzz. Mr. Catania uses his artistic vision combined with engineering to create pieces, many from the earth’s natural resources. His wisdom is that the force and power of the universe will cure itself in due time. He harnesses this power by combining physics with the use of raw materials such as iron, marble dust, steel and meteorite fragments in his designs.

Artist Catania firmly believes science and art are inseparable. Their infinite strength and energy are released from within the earth and by the surrounding universe; his sculptures are totems to this concept. He infers that their alloyed power will heal our planet. Symbols of this force are evident in his pieces, all invoking the boundless strength of nature’s will. The sculpture representing this is The Heart of the Earth, (B-C Versions). It is a twin sculpture, only differentiated by its topmost parts. (The “B” version has a sphere made from gilded steel and the “C” version has a resin pyramid.) Among other materials used are marble dust and white cement.

To further emphasize the power and energy of the universe, artist Catania combines Gibeon meteorite: remnants of a giant meteoroid (part of a four billion year old exploded star) whose shattered fragments crashed to earth 600 million years ago in south western Africa (now the Republic of Namibia). The meteorite shards were named for the village Gibeon, near the field in which they were discovered in 1836 by geologist James Alexander and confirmed by astronomer John Herschel.

Born February 1st, 1979, Cesare is a self-taught artist with a degree in civil engineering from Politecnico of Milan. Through a combination of skills, he shows that the resolution of these frantic times will not come from a singular political agenda or the power players of the world, but rather the will and force of the universe and its cycle of speed and change.

Nella foto: Heart of the Earth – C Version (particolare, foto gentilmente fornita dall’autrice del pezzo, Pamela Goldman).


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